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JWE Agri & Industrial Solutions (Pty) Ltd has the ability to design your project in-house, reducing your ultimate costs. Our design team works on AutoCAD, Microsoft Project and Excel to find the best way to construct your facility.
From concept design and site topographical surveys, through to construction drawings, JWE Agri & Industrial Solutions (Pty) Ltd follows best practice methodologies, and institute the necessary procedures, timelines and work flows to produce a fully-comprehensive and thorough project from start to finish.

Silage Bunkers
Silage Bunkers

JWE co-ordinates the project teams, including associate architects, draughtsmen, consulting engineers and structural engineers, all of whom we use to fulfill the client’s and project’s needs.We also work closely with the client’s chosen design teams to bolster the expertise on the project to the benefit of the client.

Sketch Building
3D Proposal Drawing

Our teams have extensive experience in cross border and long-distance contract work with design projects completed in Namibia, Zambia, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Botswana, Swaziland & Zimbabwe.

JWE has the expertise to supervise international works ranging from “Design only”, “Design and Oversee” to “Design and Construct”.

Precautions to protect against the corrosive nature of food, animal by-products and cleaning chemicals as well as the aggressive mechanical wear conditions found in most industries are always a priority for JWE.


Proposed Dairy Plans
Proposed Dairy Plans
Sketch-up Storage Shed