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JWE Agri & Industrial Solutions (Pty) Ltd has contracting crews that are well-equipped and experienced in handling all industrial and agricultural building and civil engineering projects. The crews comprise experienced concrete, bricklaying, steelfixing and shutterhands.

Construction Image
Rafters Being Installed

JWE has it’s own insulated panel division handling cold rooms, modular structures and pre-fab structures.

We work closely with our preferred sub-contractors to co-ordinate items such as bulk earthworks, steel structures, electrical, plumbing, floor coatings, tiling, shopfitting, painting, asphalting and automation. We work with reputable consultants, engineers and architects at all times.

Our Teams Use Microsoft Project
Spring Grove Dam

Precautions to protect against the corrosive nature of food, animal by-products and cleaning chemicals as well as the aggressive mechanical wear conditions found in most industries are always a priority for JWE.

JWE project manages our teams using Microsoft Project, utilizing our ability to plan our schedules and facilitate the process with the client by co-ordinating their direct contractors.

We are a member of the KZN Master Builders Association (KZNMBA), the National Home Builders Registration Council (NHBRC), and we are registered with the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) and hold ratings of 7GB & 6CE. A high standard of workmanship is adhered to and maintained in order to retain our statuses with these agencies. We are fully compliant with the latest construction regulations and OSH act with a full time safety officer.

Breaking Ground
Construction Image
Dairy Day Processing Facility


Construction Image
Fairfield Dairy Rotary

Our industrial construction includes specific emphasis in the following fields:

  • Workshop facilities
  • Factories
  • Warehousing
  • Mill Buildings
  • Bulk Feed & Grain Storage and Processing facilities
  • Clean rooms
  • Cold rooms
  • Roads
  • Storm water control systems
  • Water and Waste treatment systems

Our agricultural construction includes specific emphasis in the following fields:

  • Dairy Milking Parlours, Freestall / Feedpad Housing and Calf-rearing facilities
  • Piggery Systems / Sow Units
  • Poultry Housing (Broiler / Layer Units)
  • Beef Handling Facilities (Crush facilities / Spray race / Loading ramps) & Feedlots
  • Feed & Grain Storage and Handling facilities
  • Slurry, Waste water and Manure handling structures and systems
  • Labour / Operator Housing / Staff & Management Quarters & facilities
  • Shade, Cooling and Natural air flow systems
  • Irrigation pump stations
  • Bio-Security systems - related to agriculture and food processing facilities
  • Saw Mills and Timber handling facilities
Site Clearing and Levelling